How to make a logo
without driving yourself crazy


Okay, so you need a logo for your organization/app/event/whatever. You kiiinda know what you want – but not really.  

I've been making logos for the last eight years and I've been refining my approach all along. It's designed to make awesome logos and happy clients without making budgets explode. Just to be clear, the following isn't a step-by-step instructions list à la microwave dinner, rather, it's an approach to help you understand the process and keep you from going crazy.  


First, we talk

Talking helps us understand our project. We'll talk about your organization, budgets, timelines, favourite movies, puppies, etc...  



I repeat it back 

I'll repeat what I heard back to you. Putting things in my own words (instead of replying 'uh-huh') ensures I understand our project and helps us become aligned.  



Next, we determine your desired perceptions 

Your logo creates an impression in people's minds. Do you want to be perceived as 'cool and modern' or 'classy and elegant'? It all depends on your goals. Check out this guide on how to determine your desired perceptions.  


Then we trade examples of logos

We probably have different ideas of what 'cool and modern' looks like, so at this point, we share logos with each other that reflect your desired perceptions. It's equally important to also share logos we don't think reflect our desired perceptions. 


I'll create concepts

I'll take your goals, desired perceptions and logo examples into consideration and create a few different concepts of the logo. 


We'll revise

We'll review the concepts together and make revisions as we see fit. In my experience it usually takes one or two rounds of feedback to get the perfect logo. 


And finally, I'll deliver the files

I'll give you your logo in all the file formats you'll ever need and explain when to use each one. If things go as planned, you'll have an awesome logo and your sanity intact. Thanks for reading!


So what's next?

If you're interested in making a logo using my approach, that's awesome – we should talk.