One night, I tweeted
@cbcTheSignal wanting to buy a shirt. 


 ( the reply left me with a 20-minute grin )


If you can't tell, I adore The Signal. I tune in most nights and listen to a blend of soft-spoken stories and delightfully curated music. But it's what I feel between ten and midnight that makes The Signal significant to me. 

I believe music has the ability to resonate beyond the vibrations we hear in our ear drum. On an unheard frequency, it stimulates a sense we haven't yet named...and it feels good. I feel this way when I listen to the signal. Okay, enough with the warm and fuzzies; onto the shirt.



I took visual inspiration from
scientific models and diagrams.


...and came up with this design.


I chose to represent a signal as energy in flux.
It bends and folds over itself like a river draped over rapids. 


Here are some alternate colours


Want a shirt when they're printed?
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