These project terms cover some of the assumptions we have about working together.  

There's nothing worse than creating a conflict because we weren't clear about some basic terms. Well...I guess shark attacks are worse. Here are some of the project terms we'll go over:

  • Payment
  • Cancellation Fees
  • Ownership of Artwork 
  • Promotion of Project
  • Releases
  • Modifications of Our Terms
  • Acceptance of terms


1. Payment – Once the project is complete to our satisfaction, I 'll send you an invoice payable within 30 days of receipt unless we agree on something else. If you don't pay within our agreed time, I'll break your freaking knee caps! Kidding, but I will add a 4% monthly service charge against your late payment.

If things get nasty (which has never happened to me) you, the Client,  will assume responsibility for any legal fees required to attain my payment in full. 

2. Cancellation Fees – If the project is cancelled, no big deal. I'll be paid for the work I've done up to the point of cancellation relative to our total project cost. For example, if I've done half the project, I'll get half the money. 

3. Ownership of Artwork – I retain ownership of all original artwork until project completion. Once final design(s) have been agreed upon, ownership of the final design(s) is transferred to the Client.

4. Promotion of Project – I love sharing my work so I keep the right to include project artwork in my portfolio and blog unless we've specified otherwise. During the creative process I may show part of our project to my peers in a private setting. If you'd prefer your project to remain 'hush hush' no problem, just let me know and "mum's" the word ;)


5. Releases – You, the Client, shall indemnify me against all claims and expenses, including attorney’s fees and legal liabilities due to the uses for which no release was requested in writing or for uses that exceed authority granted by a release. This one is weird. It means if you were to be involved in a legal case because of something created in our project, I wouldn't be legally liable. For example, if I built you a website and you used it to sell handguns to babies, you'll probably encounter legal action and monetary penalties. I don't take responsibility for this.  


6. Modifications of Our Terms – Modifications the terms of these aren't a big deal, we'll just revise these terms. Want to change something? Honestly, it's no big deal – let's talk.  


7. Acceptance of Terms – If you accept these terms, simply send me an email to the tune of "Those project terms sound good to me" or "I agree with the terms and the fact Ty Johnston is a handsome man."

If you have any questions about it please call me at 514.627.0640 or email me at