Vicarious Partners Creative Direction

The purpose of this document is to create alignment around the direction of the creative. It's a collaborative tool authored by the whole team. 


What does success look like?

Our goal is to create a logo for Vicarious Partners that differentiates the brand from the 'Whitney Hess' personal brand. This allows us to position the new brand as a premium consulting company in the minds of our target audience.


Why is a company brand better than a personal brand?

In our situation, we're trying to capture new, bigger, more established clients and therefore we need to be perceived in a new, bigger, more established way.

Emotionally, our target audience needs to have confidence when deciding to hire Vicarious Partners as these leaders are ultimately responsible for their company. Corporate strategy and company-wide sweeping changes aren't taken lightly and hiring a company rather than 'some lady' allows our audience to sleep easier at night. Companies love company.

Separating the two brands also allows us to associate attributes to the individual brands and strengthen their respective value in people's minds.


Okay, so what makes a "premium" consulting company?

Well, it costs more :) And to validate that cost, and make our brand of value, we need Vicarious Partners to be perceived as experienced, educated, modern, top of the field, leaders. Premium companies work with premium companies. Premium companies have produced results and will continue to produce results. The good news is, Vicarious Partners (you) actually IS all those things and we don't have to fake it.


Just because Vicarious Partners is a company, doesn't mean we have to be a generic, boring company that speaks in business jargon and the oh-so-awkward third person. Parallel to the idea of "experts and leaders," the Vicarious Partners brand should convey a human element, because, it's a company made of people – smart, knowledgable, forward-thinking people. 


Warm      ●   ○   ○   ○   ○    Cool

Fun       ○   ○   ○   ●   ○    Serious

Energetic       ○   ●   ○   ○   ○    Relaxed

Reserved       ○   ○   ○   ●   ○    Expressive

Rigid       ○   ○   ●   ○   ○    Fluid

Feminine       ○   ○   ●   ○   ○    Masculine

Why would someone resist the brand?

People might not believe the hype about the experience and expertise of Vicarious Partners.

To neutralized this...

  • We don't spend time boasting about ourselves, we show proof.
  • We celebrate our clients' successes stories.
  • Although our results aren't always easily quantifiable, we educate people on the value on qualitative results which resonate better with people. 


In a nutshell, when business leaders see "Vicarious Partners" they think and feel "Smart, knowledgeable, leaders who understand people."


Supplemental Thoughts

Who's our target audience?

Our target audience is decision makers of established companies. Executives, CEOs, COOs, marketing heads and the like. These people are a key audience as their buy-in is needed to establish and implement the principles and practices of UX within their organizations.

These people are paid to worry about their company so emotionally, they crave trust, confidence, and peace of mind. 



What happens after we finish the logo?

The logo will be the launching point for the new brand. We'll have to flesh out the brand voice, key messaging, other visual elements, then let the brand flourish in all mediums (web, stationery, etc...)


Additional Brand Attributes

The following are attributes and desired perceptions that we want to assiciate to our brand. Not all of them can be expressed in the logo, but will be formed in peoples' minds as they interact with Vicarious partners

  • Professional but not formal (Serious + Warm)
  • Opinionated but not inflexible (Expressive + Fluid)
  • Independent but not unrestrained
  • Empathetic but not soft
  • Systematic but not standardized


How does this affect 'Whitney Hess' personal brand?

Although separate, the two brands will be related as they'll share many of the same attributes: experienced, educated, modern, top of the field.

These attributes will be more synonymous with Whitney Hess:

  • Unique individual 
  • Informal, fluid, casual
  • Irreverent 
  • Not afraid to be a heretic
  • Temporary freelancer

These attributes will be more synonymous with Vicarious Partners:

  • Legitimate
  • Established